Negative Aspects of Anger

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Negative Aspects of Anger:
When someone becomes angry, a hormone called adrenaline is released in their body. This makes the person excited, and their heart rate increases. If released excessively, it can even lead to a heart attack. Anger can cause changes in facial expressions and physical behavior. The psychological response becomes abnormal, leading to aggressive reactions, shouting, wanting to harm, and a desire to destroy. The type of hormone released determines the nature of the anger. Due to this anger, sometimes:
a. Interpersonal relationships are damaged.
b. Friendships are lost.
c. Separation occurs in relationships, including between spouses.
d. Incidents of violence and aggression occur.

Anger Destroys Personality:
Anger creates a negative perception about you in the minds of others, damaging your personality or image. Everyone wants to be acceptable to others. People want to be loved, appreciated, and seen positively by others. Maintain a positive attitude about yourself in the eyes of others. But whenever people see that you are ill-tempered and quick to anger, they will avoid you. Everyone will try to distance themselves from you.


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